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Since I was young I found the brain, our thoughts, people, and how we interact with the world fascinating.  Asking myself what tools can we use to live better and to be nicer to ourselves – or at least allow ourselves to be more human.
I spent a lot of time being VERY mean to myself thinking that some how a lot of  pressure would create a diamond. Turns out Humans aren’t like coal at all. We need a little push to keep us strong and sturdy but we also need space to be messy, to expand, to be able to figure it out.

This blog is first and foremost a space in which I would like to share my inner musing and findings with you about how I was able to start being nicer to myself, to hold space for my shitty moments and, for the most part, feel like I’m no longer bumping up against my circumstances/thoughts and feelings.

I’d also like to extend a hand to any who are interested in being coached by me. If you’re interested in a session email me tyraweitman(at)gmail.com or DM me on Instgram.

I also happen to love food, sewing, biking, exercise and spirituality.

Humans are adaptable, our brains our puzzle solving machine and sometimes we just need to give ourselves permission to be human.

Canadian living in Koblenz.

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